Client Testimonials

“When you see these few pictures in the attachment, it will explain why me and my wife Kaitlyn, love MortgageBanc. MortageBanc helped me and Kaitlyn start a life together, you have brought family/friends together, and have also helped me and Kaitlyn branch out. What I mean by branching out is, we have located spots to go hiking, located a gym in which we have stuck with and gained more friends that are all near us and our home. MortgageBanc didn’t only just give us a better life; they also made it easy on us with the process of getting our first home together. Thank you MortgageBanc for everything, we will always be grateful for the love and care you as a company has shown.”
— J.  Chesser

“Well, most mortgage companies aspire to have a reputation for exceptional customer service. Only a select few, however, manage to earn it. That is where MortgageBanc has it figured out.  Customers get their service experience by interacting with a company’s employees. Companies that excel in this area often have a team of employees who take ownership of what they are selling. When you have employees who are motivated, who take ownership, who take pride in what they do, that translates to a positive customer experience and customer referrals. The most effective marketing a company can utilize is customer referrals.  David Arnette (loan officer) and his team at MortgageBanc have achieved this goal and are top in the market.”
–L. Hutcheson

“In August of 2015, my wife and I decided that we were ready to make the big leap into adulthood and purchase our first house.  Per a friend’s recommendation, we acquired our real estate agent and were eager to hit the ground running. During our first meeting with our relator, he asked us how much our mortgage lender had pre-approved us for.  My wife and I stared at each other like two deer stuck in the headlights of an oncoming eighteen-wheeler. Our mortgage lender? Turns out we weren’t as ready to buy a house as we thought.

We asked our relator whom we should use for our mortgage lender. My wife and I did not want to use any of the big box lenders because we wanted to be treated like people, and not like a number. We wanted someone who would take time with us, explain the lending process, and help us decipher the mountains of impending paperwork. It was at this point that our real estate agent recommended that we look into using MortgageBanc, specifically Trey Fava.  

I called Trey Fava (loan officer) later that day and I knew, from the moment that we talked for the first time, that he was the perfect fit for us. Trey came off as a genuine, caring human being. Something that I did not think still existed in the world of finance.  He felt our first time homebuyer anxiety and treated us in a way that virtually eliminated all of stress of buying a house. Trey took extra time with my wife and I, explaining the complex jargon that was being used, as well as answering our seemingly never end bank of questions about the process. With Trey Fava and the exceptional staff at MortgageBanc by our side, I know that my wife and I got the best experience, as well as the best mortgage rate, in the industry.  It was a pleasure to work with them and we look forward to using them again in the future.”
–R. Ledbetter

“In the purchase of our first home, my husband and I felt like a foreign language was being spoken that everyone but us understood. Then we met Walter Hunter (loan officer) from MortgageBanc who became our interpreter and guru. We were thrilled with his timeliness in answering all of our questions, his quick sense of humor, which is always a plus in a nerve-racking situation, and his ability to offer advice for every possible financing scenario. Doing business with Mortgage Banc paved the way for a stress-free house buying process. The icing on the cake was when Walter showed up at closing. This kind of service went from great quality to feeling like family. We appreciated that act of kindness more than he’ll ever know. Thanks MortgageBanc!”
–E. Davis

“The Sortino family loves MortgageBanc because they helped make our dreams of becoming first time home owners a reality. We had recently graduated college and moved to Birmingham from Florida to start our careers. We never thought it would be possible to own our own home so soon out of school but, MortgageBanc made it happen! Our puppy is especially happy to have his own paradise right in our back yard. Walter Hunter (loan officer) worked around the clock to make sure we got the best rate with the best lender. Thanks MortgageBanc for putting us in our first home!”
–Megan Sortino

“My husband and I have what you would call less than perfect credit. So my expectations for a mortgage company to grant my hopes of owning a brand new home one day was not anticipated. Especially after not hearing back from the last mortgage company I spoke with.  From the moment I was introduced to Scott Stearns (loan officer) at MortgageBanc everything changed. He was so kind, respectful and eager to help make our family’s dream come true. He requested that I fill out an online application. I didn’t hold my breath, I knew after I had listed the couple of mistakes my husband and I made years ago, I wasn’t going to hear back from Mr. Stearns. To my disbelief, the next day I received a call from Scott Stearns telling me that he had faith that we were in fact, great candidates for home ownership. From start to finish with MortgageBanc our loan took about 30 days to complete, while other companies never returned my call. Each time I spoke with anyone from MortgageBanc they treated me with respect and gratitude as if my priorities were their priorities. Thank you again for all you do!”
–The Offutt Family

“As a prospective first time home buyer, I was anxious about the mortgage process. Everything else about buying a home seemed enjoyable, but not so with the mortgage.  Loan size, loan term, PMI, equity, APR–All of these terms were daunting. And how to navigate the mortgage… Where to start, how to choose, how to shop and compare. There were a lot of questions.  Working with MortgageBanc made an otherwise tedious and stressful undertaking seem like a walk in the park. They lead you through the process with the care of a tour guide in a treasured museum. Their communication is timely and thorough. Beyond that, they have the expertise to answer the difficult questions, and the ability to customize your loan to fit your situation. I enjoyed my experience with MortgageBanc and the Ben Chenault Team, and will refer my friends to their team.”
–S. Boswell

“I love Mortgage Banc because all of the people who work there treat you like family! We had a blast at the Minion movie and my kids had so much fun watching ET at the park (we were one of the last families freezing until the end!) We always enjoy cookies and milk with Santa and Buddy the elf was a fun treat last year! Contests like this are awesome, too! I always recommend you guys to friends. Thanks for all that you do!”
–B. Towey

“Buying a house for the first time is scary, and the first few phone calls I made to other mortgage lenders were well on their way to proving that point. Then I was put in touch with Scott Stearns (loan officer) with MortgageBanc, and from that first conversation I was positive they were going to prove me wrong in all the right ways! From the moment when I walked in and saw a welcome sign with my name on it, to the very sweet and caring way my very active toddler was treated, I knew this was the right place for me. Everything was explained to me in a way that made sense and made me feel confident, secure, and less worried about this very new, very adult venture of buying a home for the first time. Scott never seemed bothered when I would email or call him with questions on how to fill out any paperwork, or the progress of my loan. He and his associates were always more than happy to assist me and were very quick to respond. I would, and have, recommended MortgageBanc to anyone who’s been in the market to buy a new home. The star treatment I received there was above and beyond what I expected!”
The words I wrote above are a true summation of the experience I had with Scott and MortgageBanc. Even if I’m not the winner, I do want to thank (again) everyone who helped me own my very first home.
— K. Hand